Clothes How to start good mood everyday

Overall Overview

Good Mood + Success = Living the Dream

Use your Drive (Passion).

Design a Positive Future.

Life Good Mood everyday,

be happy!

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How to use this Documentation?

  1. Definition of Success
  2. Finding out, what you want?
  3. Overview: Super Success Concept.

Appling habit-routines you like integrate & do.

We, Marcello & Charly Goodman run the Webpages and have made those tools for free:

  • GMH (Good Mood Handbook)  apply tools to boost your mood.
  • SSH (Super Success Handbook) to organise & plan.
  • (todoapp for free, self-made-programmed)

1. Definition of Success:

"Success is Good Mood everyday."

Best Case: 

1. Do what you love most.

2. Make a business of that.

3. Be happy all the time, "Good Mood everyday".

2. Finding out, what you want?

Realise your Dreams

Charly Goodman has created the Structure of Success for You to find out:

  1. what you want in life &
  2. plan how to get there.

Recommended Tools

Cultivate long-term success and commit to lifelong improvement of your living & well-being. Read the blogs, download- fillout- review- & improve the templates as you gain new information during the process.

The Structure of Success is designed as life-compass.

These are the necessary informations to gain & apply.

His methods are structured with material that help you to take decisions & actions. Sometimes it's better to realise I am not on the right track and change the direction to move in an efficient manner forward to my destination.

The Structure of Success keep you on track, sharp & focused. Always good to know what, when to do.

3. Super Success Concept

  1. Good Mood is necessary to be able to perform on the highest level.
  2. Super Success is a concept where you design your future life, generating a map where you define your plan. Along the way you will gain the necessary informations to be able to solve your puzzle of a happy & successful life.
  3. Webapplication: to organise your success with:
    1. Todo Boards,
    2. Teamwork on Todo Boards,
    3. Timelines,
    4. Timer to track & motivate yourself,
    5. Weekly Report that document your achievements.

What Can I do for You personally?

I can give you ideas & adviece, tools, planing & instpiration in an personl Session:


Conclusion Overview

First of all, it will take some time depending what is the current level of knowing your purpose.