March 14, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

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Find the Road to Super Success

The Guideline keep you on track, far from distractions because it includes most essential information you gained in your life.


How strong is your WHY?

Your WHY must be strong enough to draw the whole Structure of Success to know the plan. Over time you will improve and grow.

What is Charly Goodmans approach?

Sometime it will pay high dividends if you take time to choose your direction carefully. Maybe you need to go on a journey to proof that your goals and values are your right. Imagine work the whole live and recognise: "I did't liked the job...!"

First of all, the 3 most important goals must be clearly defined to be able to to find out: "Which activities are to focus on?".

To cultivate skills:

  • Where I am NOW?
  • How good you have to be?
  • What is the exact target?
  • How long do you need?
  • Are I am enjoying the journey of improvement-loops?
  • Are I am able to pay the price for your success?
  • How far I will go? #whatEverItTakes

Conclusion: After knowing what you want you can go after it. It's important to do these steps, otherwise there is a danger to vegetate the whole life and watching others reality and arguing about. This is a remote controlled live which are the most people living.

Most Important to get control over the own mind & body. For some goals you need to be healthy for instance some sports and cognitive challenges. You want to feel great, so a healthy body with the right balance of sport-activity, right nutrition and time for yourself to be able to plan & realise your dream.

Be clear about what you want, plan long-term with the right tools and people on your side.

In fact these goals may need decades or even a lifetime, don' worry.

It's good to think big and setting goals high. Absolut unrealistic isn't the best, by definition You have to be able to see it, believe it & then you can make it reality. Let's do it, start now.

What are the 3 most important GOALS for the next 8-13 years?
Entrepreneur, Boat, Live-Culture

As an entrepreneur are disciplines which need to be mastered good enough. This includes: sales, marketing, digital networking and presenting, learning lifelong and mastering organisation with Super Success.

The Adventure with a sailing boat around the world, free.

Life-Vulture means together with family & friends, laughing, fun, sport, yoga and nature everyday.

Free to do:  

  • What I want!
  • When I want!
  • With how I want!
  • Wherever I want!
  • How long I want!
  • and the best is doesn't have to be materialistic, know-body can take the freedom of your mind.

Plan carefully your Skill cultivation: update and review from time to time and see if you are on the best track or making some improvement. Every outcome is a result and should be used to improve yourself, for that you can be grateful because you paid the price anyway.

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