Winner do What they Love the Most! <3 

 March 12, 2022

By  Charly Goodman

Top Value / Goal:

"To be happy you need to do the job you love.
Imagine how great it would be to do what you love and get paid for … this is the key to happiness."

What do you think about the idea?

Only 1 of 20 people make it financially which is great. However keep in mind there are more Aspekts of Success. To fulfil all of your aspect can take lifelong and some will not experience it. Anyway general to give the best you can do will lead you to gold.

Commit to life-long learning and compete with yourself every single day.
Any kind of activity which is maximising your success in terms of you MAIN-Life-Goal. Learning from books und the real world, experience is part of it. Sometimes you need the heart to risk something to achieve more in life.

The unbreakable, who truly found their passion, with the right expression and learned there life-lesson. To fulfil their highest potential and brighten the room with their presents of ambitious greatness. Honest business handmade builded from 0-100, giving real value to people.   

Sprint and recover, go hard … as much as you can. Furthermore, give yourself the recover-time you need. Even the recover methods can be worth looking into … supplements, ice-bath, sleep-time, sleep-environment for improvement. Think long-term: how long you want to play the game?

You improve all the time what’s next?

„Okay, you have your strategy in line!?“

Your life-goal is your main energy source, powerful enough to keep you going towards your goal?
It’s necessary to be disciplined to execute the plan as best as you can.
Comparing your outcome with the expectation and adopt to the situation with f.e. mysupersuccess.com timelines.

Moreover the disciple to keep your creative cycle running (Structure of Success Templates in action).

How to get going?

Use Trigger to change your life:

  • Make Rules for your self (Super Success Todos)
  • Be Dream Driven, time for imagination this give you fresh thoughs and new power
  • get one milestone everyday accomplished towards your Dream and plan accordingly
  • Use images & music as trigger mabye in combination with a alarm.
  • Set yourself an anker, that mean f.e. if you go the steps upwards you think: "I will achieve my dream, I can see it clearlly and feel the success & happiness." You repeat and repeat to expand your daily flow, mood, inspiration, Life-quality.
  • write your milestones down, this is boosting self-confidence and a very big motivation-boost & feeling of self-worth.

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