Good Mood everyday! 

 March 29, 2022

By  Charly Goodman

Good Mood Everyday

“The quality of your emotions will mirror the result in life. That means good emotions create a happy successful life with the drive to achieve things.”

If you feel happy, you will deliver peak performance. How about: you structure your day as you like. Philosophy: Do what you love most because you will achieve peak performance with good mood everyday.

How to enjoy Good Mood everyday?

Adjust your daily routine as good as you can, to get the best out of each day. Make it fun!

Pick the ideas below:

  • lovely morning routine with time for yourself
  • Use nice color light & sunlight
  • Use nice music, better to use frequency music to tune your brain happy
  • sport activity
  • laughter with friends
  • live healthy
  • do some sort of sport consistent (f.e. 6day a week ashtanga yoga)
  • eat healthy
  • take some time to relax
  • walk in the nature
  • meditate
  • breathing exercise
  • look at you vision and visualise the experience
  • stay away from the negative (People, News and other unnecessary darkness in your life)
  • connect with a positive enviroment
  • feel love and joy as much you can
  • make jokes, laugh a lot
  • plan some sort of enjoyment everyday
  • love and value yourself and what you doing

The Good Mood Mindset is made as:

  • Life Philosophie made for every day application,
  • to turn negative- in the positive thoughts or situation,
  • Improving the life-quality a lot,

feel happiness everyday and perform in flowsituations.


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