What is Super Success? 

 March 26, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

First of all, success means something different to everybody. Not everybody has to do the same to be happy & successful.

Some people want to be financial independent others love the family life in the jungle and don't care about money.

Athlete's may have as most important the sport, nutrition, sleep-quality in mind to achieve at the end the olympic gold metal. To achieve Super Success is the mentality, key. Super Success build up your self confidence with a report (see my Blog Highlight Your Success).

Ok, here is an inspiration...
"Charly Goodman wants to be FREE, finically independent and together with the right DREAMTEAM."

"Charly Goodman is a man of freedom his nature needs to travel, fitness and risk something too fell alive. He understand to combine business, sport and travelling."

Everybody has to find out what the passions are, too enjoy and to express yourself.

How to Start?

  1. For more ideas & inspiration you can read the blog: GUIDELINE. There are the most important questions asked to find out what do you really want & how to visualise your dream.
  2. Brainstorm, and draw all the ideas: what to achieve in live and prioritise. This give you a list of the importance and your values.

  3. Keep your draft close to you. Think, visualise, feel as  you already experience it. Think about the realisation to use the planing-tool: mysupersuccess.com.

Breakdown your Strategy

  1. After you read & prepared your answers to the guideline.
  2. Start a Super Success Todo for each guideline topic.
  3. make a goal-list and be specific with what & when you want to have your goal achieved.
  4. Connect now the dots, this is your roadmap. Check my Blog Planing
  5. Define as many milestones you can think of. Check my Blog Target - Goals & Milestones

Some goals & skills can not be mastered in a day, ...
some goals may need 10000h of training, ...
other goals may need 2 or 3 10000 hours training of skills for example.: entrepreneurship & programming. 
Checkout my Blog Habits -  the Foundation of Success

Choose wisely what skills to cultivate, you won't get the time back. But remember, all is an experience where you can learn from and improve.

What is your Strategy? ... I show you mine

"Charly Goodman’s belief in giving the best and focus on the most important and/or impactful."
Giving the best ... ? Yes, you have some main idea of you live, the thing you wanna do before you die.

"Charly Goodman want go on a journey and find his Love of Life. Daily adventures like surfing, sailing, sleeping in a hammock in the middle of Amazonas."

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