Inspiration and Perspiration 

 October 30, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

A lot of people think that only inspiration, the idea is the most important part of your success, but is this the truth? Others say that your perspiration, specially the endurance is most important to realise your success.  

Cultivate Know-How

First of all, all starts in your mind. The skills to brainstorm and finding solution is absolutely essential. True innovations come over time when you build strong neurological-connections in your brain by thinking a long-time about certain issues & how to solve them. Furthermore the knowledge you gain, the experiences you make is the payback which you should use in the most impactful & effective way. Learning and innovation go hand in hand.

Secondly, it’s all about long-term and true skill cultivation.  You will see always the truth when you analyse from others and your own work deeply.  Plan long-term with a timelines, know your bucket list and what you want from life. The know-how about yourself, your own skills, cultivation of relationships and your expertise is what give you truly security.

Cultivate Perseverance

The role and need for ‘failure’ in innovation is well-documented and accepted, and success in it requires incredible perseverance. It was the prolific American inventor Thomas Edison (1847-1931) who said "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration“.

To dance in the rain is very important, the ability to stand up rapidly after failure is absolutely necessary to train. Crying over failure is the biggest waste of time, much better will be to be grateful for your lesson & write your new knowledge down. Spreading your knowledge is helpful in many ways:

1. You will remember it forever. 

2. You will make new friends &

3. establish new relationships which may help you or the world later on.


Your WHY keeps the engine running, this is your fuel.

Inspiration is very important, but more like a resource to create new opportunities. It takes 1% to start.

The biggest part will be always your perspiration, the ability to move forward. Solving problems along the way and find out ways the tackle root causes quickly & install your process to prevent trouble from your idea of success. It takes 99% perspiration.

Plan C:

Stay in flow, be creative and do what you like & passionate about. Try to delegate the work you hate to people who enjoy that type of work.

You the Structure of Success as map, to lead you to you true aim in life an go for it. Be a creator instead of being created, take control over you life.

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