Your Dream 

 November 14, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

What is your Dream?

Everybody has dreams & the desire todo- or achieve certain things. Essential is to know what you really want from life. It may take some years of live-experiences. To win and dominate the game, play- & think- long-term to accumulate power.

What picture of your vision do you have in mind?

 What is the life you really enjoy living?

Create a Gameplan

First of all, as soon you can answer these questions you can start making plans, todos, milestones & timelines. The earlier you begin, the more time you have to put effort into your realisation process. Moreover think about public commitment with deadlines to pressure yourself to peak performance. Super Success means to put highest impact activities first, in other words to focus on the most essential factors which are necessary to realise your dreams. 

To prevent you from loosing the focus and wasting time. However, time for proper relaxation and fun is an essential part of Super Success, because it energises you. Sprint & rest, the rest is the recovery and keeping the overview to be able to enjoy the journey. Super Success is also about making enjoyable daily routine & cultivating healthy habits, it’s about the long run and fun.


Be clear, what you want & what you have to do to be able to accomplish the dream which you desire. You why will be the driven force behind your mission. What are the activities you need todo to have a happy day? How good they are in your day integrated?

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