Super Success Lifestyle 

 November 21, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

Is the lifestyle really Essential to achieve Super Success?

Absolutely, a healthy lifestyle is necessary to keep your emotions & body in performance mode. A person which eats sugar will never have the same brainpower as the same person without. Of cause, it’s not about 1 particularly factor, it’s about your holistic game. You can gain everywhere some percent of something. You can win and optimise your outcome or loose by degreasing the power of your organisms. Nobody is perfect and entrepreneurs are improving all the time. You will gain success if you consequent shorten negative influences & enhancing the positive ones: like fitness, food, better social life and so on. Super Success is optimised to boost your mood & brainpower.

Super Success Lifestyle Aspects

  1. Knowing the Plan (e.g. Structure of Success)
  2. Be Organised (e.g. mysupersuccess.com)
  3. Healthy Food
  4. Healthy Social-Life-Culture together with Family, Friends & High Performer
  5. Master Mind
  6. Sport (e.g. Best 6 from 7 days) or forest walks (e.g. 2h/d)
  7. Healthy Frequencies (e.g. BrainWave Music)

The better you implement those aspects into you daily life the higher will be your success.

What results you will get with which lifestyle?

As above mentioned the mathematical formulae is:
negative - positive mood & energy consumption = Your power to minifest your dreams.

Be smart about your environment:

  • have positive people around you
  • consume nutrition which give you energy instead of taking energy.
  • Keep your thought positive and aim oriented
  • Choose habits with possibly thy highest impact
  • Find the way to improve your daily process  

What is the Super Success Lifestyle?

First of all, some characteristics are very relevant, you don’t need all but certainly the more you truly live the higher will be your outcome.

  • You know your why.
  • Your will for constant improvements, the will for walking the extra mile several times, the will to challenge yourself. The will to give everything you have in the tank.
  • Unbreakable mind, you have the duration and can take a lot.
  • The ability to stand up and dance in the rain.
  • Your mind must be sharp, focused and able to have fun during the work.
  • You are passionate & in flow during your work will generate the best results in terms of success & happiness.
  • You are responsible for your outcome.
  • Letting others opinions, knowing that the eagle have to understand his own game, the eagle is responsible for this own area of influence.
  • The eagle don’t waste time with people which are not truly committed.

You need a Vision (Structure of Success), your plan, the process will be your lifestyle. The Lifestyle is to adapt of your Structure of Success, there is your strategy written. The knowledge which you can gain from this documents are to implement into your daily-rhythmic-routines.

The progress you will make with the right emotions is significant higher than miserable emotions. You can image your success today, you may say I’am a dreamer but I’am not the only one. We are the community living super success, a ambitious live enjoying challenges, being creative and always educating ourselves.

Plan C: Dream Big

After weeks of genius work-flow-sprints where you get unbelievable workload done cause of the paradise environment with is totally adjusted to boost your success. That mean you have the opportunity to train kick-boxing, yoga or fitness. The food will be organic & for optimised for brain performance adapted, we will have a special cook for that. Even in the Super Success Cafe are organic healthy brain-booster foods & smoothies. Imagine: After a 8h work-flow-sprint chilling in the jungle, in the Super Success Cafe drinking a mango-blueberry-riceprotein smoothy and eating out of a coconut an organic-cashew-nut-cream oat with little sugar-cain ambrosia. We have small day tours where we show you around and explain how our activities work. Just sign at the reception in, for any needs just find Charly Goodman and tell him what you need.

Yes for the hardcore trips, which last more than a day up to 3 weeks in the jungle, on the board or combination of tours to be able to guarantee the best fun experience of your life.

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