First Thing First, Good Mood everyday. 

 January 1, 2022

By  Charly Goodman

Which factor is most Essential to be able to perform on the highest level?

Some people believe the most essential factor are materialistic one ... oh when I have this supplement, or this laptop or this relationship then I will perform at my best potential. Others may believe that the mental power of thoughts are everything.

Good Mood Everyday

  • Life Philosophie made for every day application.
  • Mindset with turn negative- in the positive thoughts or situation.
  • Improving the life-quality a lot

First of all the quality of your emotions will be the result in life. However the deeper your experience good quality emotions f.e. inner peace, bliss, love… the better results you will experience in your life.

Secondly you will notice that you life quality will be on another level. It is much more easy to walk with a successful good mood mentality through the world.

Scale of Success

Choose wisely, because this is where you set the limit.

Level 700-1000 – Enlightenment, pure consciousness, indescribable

Level 600 – Peace, Bliss, Transparency

Level 540 – Joy, unconditional love, serenity 

Level 500 – Love, Worship, Revelation

Level 400 – Reason, Understanding, Abstraction

Level 350 – Acceptance, Forgiveness 

Level 310 – Willingness, optimism, intention

Level 250 – Neutrality, Trust, Letting Go

Level 200 – Courage, Courage, Affirmation

Level 175 – Pride, Contempt, Show-Off

Level 150 – Anger, anger, hatred, aggression 

Level 125 – Desire, Desire, Self-Enslavement

Level 100 – Fear, Anxiety, Withdrawal 

Level 75 – Grief, Failure, Sorrow, Despair 

Level 50 – Apathy, Hopelessness, Task 

Level 30 – Guilt, Evil Life, Destruction

Level 20 – Shame, Shame, Humiliation, Eradication

Good Mood Productivity Hacks

Boost your productivity with good mood generating emotions and benefit from the results which you will gain from it.

  • Use nice color light
  • Use nice music, better to use frequency music to tune your brain happy
  • live healthy
  • do some sort of sport consistent (f.e. 6day a week ashtanga yoga)
  • eat healthy
  • take some time to relax
  • walk in the nature
  • meditate
  • look at you vision and visualise the experience
  • stay away from the negative (People, News and other unnecessary darkness in your life)
  • connect with a positive enviroment
  • feel love and joy as much you can
  • make jokes, laugh a lot
  • plan some sort of enjoyment everyday
  • love and value yourself and what you doing

Inspiration Productivity Kick Start

3 ... 2... 1... Start, just start & take it easy

Free yourself from your unpleasant tasks, which you constantly postpone in front of you by doing them immediately, no one else does it for you.

If you work through everything immediately or promptly, your head is free of the guilty conscience that procrastination may cause you, and you can devote yourself to the beautiful things. Don't ask yourself if you feel like it: don't wait, start! Without thinking about it, just get started, otherwise you'll postpone it again.

If you postpone your annoying tasks, your ballast backpack will get bigger and heavier. Or you never do some things that you always wanted to do in your life and at some point it will be too late for that and you will regret what you have lost.

Example: Postpone tax return Choose sports day when THERE is ALWAYS time, do not think about whether desire, TODAY IS MONDAY, SO E.G. JOGGING DAY... in any weather, good mood, no excuses, no self-deception.

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