Best Day Loop 

 October 18, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

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Best Day Loop 

An extension from the habit blog.

How looks like your most productive day? Implement the things you know you should do. Write yourself alternatives, different choices of activities to stay in flow. The flow is very important to keep up your productivity level and it‘s much more fun, right?

Write all alternatives of activities in each block about whatever you can think of in terms of having a successful day.

This is Charly Goodmans…

This can be a tool to put yourself in the right habit patterns. The more you put in time, thoughts & effort, the higher will be your level of expertise/success.

Charly Goodman believes your job should be your passion to develop excellence over time maybe 10000h to cultivate one of your 5 master-skills (from the habit template). Yes it‘s a lot of time and all about long-term thinking which pays the big dividends. This skill within the right niche is a straight jackpot. The passion is what brings you love, excitement, as long you can enjoy the journey you are right on track.

Some preparation for the bucket-list can be good to do some research, plan the journey to Panama. 😉

One of Charly Goodmans habits is the time to reflect to gain ideas for future, improvements and analyse your outcome with a weekly report. After that I sent my resume to Marcello...
from my lovely view on the top of a castle in India. <3

Think about daily fresh ups to make you day nice.

How can you keep up you mood, excitement do you make jokes and laugh?
Write your. List of motivating thoughts and remember-cards to keep you focused during the day on your own game. You write the story of your.  Life. Bruce Lipton speaks about 95%. Of our. Days we are subconsciously in autopilot. The 95% we have.  To Programm best. Generate a behaviour. Which creates bester results = better life quality.  The other 5% we are anyway giving our best.

Daily fresh-up - what gives you energy during the day back? For a lot of people are naps a really powerful.  refresh Charly Goodman does it as well.

Food-plan or -habits in mind?

Just think shortly one time about how to react?

A deep breath can help with stopping the breath for as long you are comfortable and then slowly breath out. Ask your self: „Is this really about my lifespan that much of a deal?“
Ones this is filled in your template you have one setup wich can increase you outcome in those type of situations.

Download Template

Download Template

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