Daily-Weekly Calendar 


First of all, a weekly calendar need to exist to plan f.e. meetings, appointments, personal activities. Furthermore the milestones for your business including time to learn for skill cultivation. Playing a long-term game is Important and here is why: Mainly the most impactfullest milstones are the one to go after first.

In detail, the high impact milestones are unsually a bit uncomfortable put paying extreme high dividents. About 3 big milestones a day towards your dream should be a good number. It works like nature, the subconcious activities like standard working f.e. working in the supermarket: does not have to be planed. 

"Go for high impact milestones."

Secondly, what are the 5 biggest impact-habits on your life? If you know your top 5 impact-habits then you are able to adjust you life as you need. However, it's good to know to brainstorm your 21 most essential habits & having a best day loop. Which make it easy to think about new adjustments in my top 5 impact-habits. Furthermore to focus on 5 habits a day makes you life much more easy & stuctured.

Additionally, you can have your top 8 weekly-impacts-habits to round-up your overall game for instance: every weekly is to check your financial-loop, your partner-relationship appointments, time for sauna & recovery. You can read more about that in my blog here.

Besides daily- & weekly- habits are not every week to change because you will find out what works best for me and keeping you habit adjustment.

Most essential is your track-record to grow self-esteem and having a resume about what I have done. A good number of milestones are: a week of 13 of core-achievements in order to get closer too your aim/dream. The measured time-cycle is one calendar-week to keep it simple & making it easy for yourself too keep your adjustment for a very competitive week.


This habit is to reate better routines for your life.

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