Charly Goodman.

The Men who is chasing the Dream.

My Mission is to make

Good Mood everyday

for Everybody achievable.

What I do with my Free-time?

  • ashtanga yoga 5d/week
  • yoga hangouts
  • reading books
  • walking in the nature with audiobooks
  • improve mood with brainwave music
  • adventure with friends
  • travelling
  • sailing
  • meditation
  • vegetarian cooking
  • using mySuperSuccess.com to organise my ideas & plans

What I do for work?

  • CEO of mySuperSuccess.com & Full-Stack Programmer
  • Youtuber
  • Die-Casting-Engineer

Do you have a Girlfriend?

No, but I am looking for the One with those characteristic's:

  • yoga
  • entrepreneur
  • trustful
  • intuition
  • open minded
  • traveller, from time to time
  • has a smile like a sunshine

We travel together with a sailing boat around the globe and manifesting our dreams.

  • Paradise City Hotel for Entrepreneurs & Digital Nomads
  • Yogadream our shalla to perform ashtanga yoga with up to 60 people
  • Super Success Cafe with performance enhancing delicious food & drinks
  • taking my wife with kids on a journey around the globe for years
  • creating a charity school with new education methods
  • living our best lives in harmony & inner peace with the highest respect
  • fulfill our highest potential and contribute our achievements to the world

What are my plans?

  1. I meet my yoga life-partner.
  2. Taking a sailing boat from Germany to Panama.
  3. Open Paradise City, which is my hotel for digital nomads, entrepreneurs and yogi-ni's
  4. Living the Entrepreneur Yogadream Lifestyle
  5. with my partner doing ashtanga yoga on the beach in the sunshine.
  6. sharing with others Good Mood & Super Success
  7. Building a school with the Good Mood & Super Success methods where children can develop skills they are interested in. Made for my own children at that time and also charity, for the Panama village kids.