Charly Goodman

"Success is Good Mood everyday."

Tools, Ideas & Inspiration

for a Happy-Successful-Life.

Daily Standard from Charly Goodman

Good Mood optimised.

Definition: Here are "Daily Standards" which symbolise habits which are executed on workdays. This is "the routine of the lion".

Habits are the foundation of happiness & success. Take my habits-list as an inspiration, pick & integrate what you want, have fun:

24/7 Routines:

  • Laugh make fun, enjoy life!
  • Jungle Frequency (Music, because I WANT TO FEEL HOME)
  • at day-time, move all 90min for an exercise (for better blood-flow)
  • breath-reminder
  • vision-picture (to know my "WHY")
  • jornal

Morning Routine:

  • listen to my mantra (Vision, speech to center myself)
  • breathing exercise
  • cold water
  • little gymnastics (Yoga, sun salutation)


  • veggis & verdi lentis for "Good Mood everyday"
  • bitter- salvia- green-tea
  • zeolith-water
  • protein-shake (-rice or -hemp)
  • turmeric-pepper-penio (many times I drink water with about 600mg of tumeric, black pepper, jalapeniopowder for brainpower)
  • more supplements
  • frequencies (music)

Work Routine:

  • 04:00 am to 11:00 am is work-time (hardest impactful first)
  • Sport (run & walk in nature for 1-2h, to breath, relax & refresh, lets say sharpen the saw)
  • hot salt bath with cold-shower or ice-bath (to recharge strongly)
  • 13-21min nap
  • 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm flow-work with classic music
  • 05:00 pm - 07:00 pm reflection time (reorder, refocus, overview the world, preparing milestones)
  • clean up workspace

Evening Routine:

  • 2h before bed no phone, no internet, no wifi, no blue-light for a healthy long-lasting life & sleep, very important.
  • Meditation
  • chillout

This is Super Success for me:



feeling Self-Worthy being Happy & Successful, long-term!

  • Write my valuable thoughts, commands too myself to do certain actions on in Super Success Milestones.
  • I track the project & time.
  • The report gives me power.
  • Timelines give me the long time overview.

This is necessary to truly to know is current activity leading to a happy & successful life? And if the answer is no ... I have to change my gameplan(read more).


  • Mountain walk-run
  • Neolymp Hammock
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Jungle
  • Going on Adventures