Charly Goodman

"Success is Good Mood everyday."

Tools, Ideas & Inspiration

for a Happy-Successful-Life.

"Success is Good Mood everyday."


1. Do what you love most.

2. Make a business of that.

3. Be happy all the time, "Good Mood everyday".

Realise your Dreams

Charly Goodman has created the Structure of Success for You to find out:

  1. what you want in life &
  2. plan how to get there.

Recommended Tools

Cultivate long-term success and commit to lifelong improvement of your living & well-being. Read the blogs, download- fillout- review- & improve the templates as you gain new information during the process.

The Structure of Success is designed as life-compass.

These are the necessary informations to gain & apply.

His methods are structured with material that help you to take decisions & actions. Sometimes it's better to realise I am not on the right track and change the direction to move in an efficient manner forward to my destination.

The Structure of Success keep you on track, sharp & focused. Always good to know what, when to do.

Our Concept

  1. Good Mood is necessary to be able to perform on the highest level.
  2. Super Success is a concept where you design your future life, generating a map where you define your plan. Along the way you will gain the necessary informations to be able to solve your puzzle of a happy & successful life.
  3. Webapplication: to organise your success with:
    1. Todo Boards,
    2. Teamwork on Todo Boards,
    3. Timelines,
    4. Timer to track & motivate yourself,
    5. Weekly Report that document your achievements.

Good Mood & Super Success Blog

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April 15, 2022


March 29, 2022


About Charly Goodman.

Hello Friends,

I am 31 years of age born in Germany, living around the globe. Loving ashtanga yoga, nature, learning and telling the world my ideas of life-improvement with achieving good mood & super success everyday. My background is engineering & programming, now I am a full time content creator and giving you valuable content so you can realise your dream as well.

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