September 26, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

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We keep the end in mind, our Guideline and the Cultivation of Habits are defined. Yes champ?

Now is time to plan in more detail to split the big goal into small milestones. Milestones are to walk every workday a documentation of your work would be great. It can be a Successlog or the mysupersuccess.com weekly report. So it's easy, simple and quick to have a documentation where you can mark the top 3 milestones a day/week/month. Mark that somewhere to boost your self-confidence.

Documentation mysupersuccess.com

What is mysupersuccess.com?

Mysupersuccess.com is more than an organisation and planing tool, it is a success optimised TODO-App. Stay focused on the real impactful todos which bring you forward. Each feature is made to motivate you to achieve more.

Simple & Minimalistic TODO web-application with:

  1. Todo-Boards
  2. Team-Boards
  3. Timelines
  4. Time Tracking
  5. PDF-Report

What are Todo-Boards?

Todo-Boards is the home of your todos & also the workplace where you:

  1. collect information topic-wise for each board
  2. brainstorm you ideas
  3. finding the best approach to get things done
  4. overview you work

What are Todos & Milestones?

Are you plan where you break big goals into small milestones down and accomplishing them.

What does the PDF-Report include?

  • Your Todo's
  • Team members accomplishments
  • Your Timelog
  • Milestone-/ Workhours per day- & todo-split- diagrams
  • project overview
  • What Settings I can use?

    1. Set the worktime in h you aim for. How long do you have to work to achieve your dreams.
    2. Select if you want time-tracking in you report.
    3. You can change your pasword.

    How does Time Tracking work?

    1. Choose the todo where you like to add time.
    2. Select your times and press "add time".

    Break- & Worktime are for the pomodoro timer which track you time automatically.


    Visualise your next actions with Todo-cards quickly, simple and straight forward. Set high goals, target long-term skills for future success.


    What can I do with Todos?

    1. define the target,
    2. organise administrative stuff,
    3. break big goals into small milestones,
    4. set a deadline,
    5. measure your time,
    6. define your priority level,
    7. collect your PDF Report.

    Order your Mind

    First of all, overview, order & organise your todos.

    1. TODOS is the space where to prepare your work.
    2. In Progress for jobs you currently focus on.
    3. Done show the completed TODOS
    4. Plan todos for up to 30 Milestones .

    Time Tracking

    1. to see where you spend your time,
    2. to stay motivated,
    3. to work with the promodoro method,
    4. to increase focus with concentration sprints & rest.


    The Promodoro-timer is a tool that track your time & keep you focused. Promodoro’s are usually 25min work (focus) & 5 minutes break (fun). Run the Timer by pressing "Play", all your work times are tracked and visible in your “Timer-menu.“ Press "Stop" to finish your work session.

    Target Definition

    How to define Todos?

    1. S Be specific, what exactly do I want to achieve?
    2. M How I will measure the target?
    3. A Is it in my power to accomplish it or do I need a team?
    4. R Realistically, how many milestones do I need?
    5. T What is the timeframe & final deadline?

    The chances without knowing what you want to achieve is very low. The earlier you know and understand what you want, the earlier you can it happening.

    Get your Report & highlight Your Success

    All is made to have a nice record to read as a market letter. Yes, market. The market of information that you focus on. This keep your focus on your goals and dreams. The structure of mysupersuccess.com and process, programs success in your subconscious mind. Every-time you read the report, you discover issues and can avoid them before the sabotage happens.

    What is better to write the own story of life!?


    Advantage of weekly & monthly reports:

    1. display your results,
    2. print, read, make notes,
    3. detect wrong actions,
    4. reflect your outcome,
    5. overview your time-horizon,
    6. find the best solution.

    Pass your monthly report to the next generation of your family, they will profit from the knowledge & ideas. With this in mind, your inner drive to take smart decisions will be higher.

    Get feedback to stay on the road to Super Success.

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