Good Mood Handbook 

 June 25, 2022

By  Charly Goodman

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Good Mood Handbook

Why the Good Mood Handbook?

The Good Mood Handbook is a guide to a happy & successful life. "Good Mood everyday, because you chasing the dream."

What you can take from Charly?

The Good Mood Handbook is an inspiration that you can take from Charly Goodman, the founder, designer & developer. Download the templates and plan the life you want. Charly's Good Mood approach give you the energy need to take on big challenges.

What Good Mood everyday does.

On one hand, the emotions are key to our success. Perform on a highest level everytime you need to sprint in life to achieve certain goals while being happy and in balance. On the other hand, success is coming if you put it on a daily basis together. In conclusion, be happy = perform well = earn well. 

Saw an emotion earn energy.

First of all, everybody experience up's & down's in mood, to find the right adjustment for YOU, for YOUR current situation. Not everybody has the discipline &/or resources todo the perfect application of mood improvement f.e. some people can't go 3min in ice-water. Here we discuss tool for mental health which bring you out of a mood-hole or improve your generell mood & life-quality.

Essential Mood-Influencing Areas:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spirituell


Influence your Mental State

Secondly, can influence your mood with habits.

You may ask yourself: 

  1. What, I have to work on my habits !?
  2. How to set them in place?
  3. How to work with them like a winner?

Read more in my habit blog.

Improvement & Application

Thirdly, the improvement & application of strategies to keep you & your life in balance. Furthermore the daily application from the Habit-Weekly-Organisation (downlaod here) is essential to keeping you on track. It is really exciting to take radical decisions about your own life, imagine: "Oh today I do intermediate fasting!" That's a whole different daily experience by eating long time nothing. Moreover, when others eat and you don't. "What you gonna do!?"


In Conclusion, you gain experience by applying new habit-strategies in your daily life. Moreover every result is a possibility to lern and grow. The best way is immediately starting an action by a new improvement idea. F.e. you are under the shower and have a idea of the implementation of a new habit-routine which is impactful positive to your life.

  1. Put it in your Template: Habit-Weekly-Organisation (downlaod here)
  2. See it at least once a day and see how you are on track.
  3. Depending how you go with checking all 5 habits on a daily from Monday to Friday? In fact, you replace habits which you don't do with your new habit-ideas. However you can adapt your situation by changing small detail of your process. You don't write 1000 words at home!? Go in a Coffee-Shop and force you to do it.

Endless Life Development

The life-long habit-improvement-loop is for super success people absolute necessary. Additionally the Good Mood Handbook is the best way to a happiness-focused day. The knowledge which you gain about yourself, personal growth, self-development is key and one huge aspect is good mood everyday. If your heart can smile, the world is good. Be happy, take it easy.

good mood handbook

Keep Life Exciting -

with the Good Mood Handbook

Keep Life Exciting means to mix it up. Try do deliver success in all area of your life but for this you will need a lot of energy. Moreover your energy-level is equal your emotional-/mood-level. If you feel great you perform well, good things are happening ... this is what you need to generate in your life. But how to make these situation in my life, at all time?

Be in Balance

Essential is the balance of everything:

  • Own Privat Life (Family, Love, Hobbies) / Work
  • Taking Action / Progrestination
  • High- / Low- Energy

Although, take control, take anger into usable engery towards your goals. Additionally, see every failure as result where you should take energy from that. In detail, if you can take the negative into the positive: YOU WILL OUTPERFORM! Make notes, observe you self, ask yourself: where I am the weakest? Designing a bulletproved solution to prevent fallbacks. The idea of Yin & Yang, the polarity as law of the universe ready to improve your life.

"Let energy flow."

Mental Application - The Dao of Life

Your application is depending on the goal you have in mind.

Goal: left- & right- side of the brain should be in sync for the highest performance. 

Application: f.e. Making all 90min during the daytime a 10min break to enjoy life, to take it easy.

Result: You has enhanced your life-quality cause of the break to sync your brain.

Use your Mental-Toolbox

"Use your toolbox, the mood-makers to recover for your next high-energy-run (time for problem solving with the highest creativity & intelligence)."

Finally, your external life is mirroring yourself. If your environment is bad ... change it. If your environment is negative ... go somewhere else. Are you habits bad because of your environment ... change it!  Move and bring yourself in a situation where you can perform as good as you need to achieve happiness & freedom.

Let your heart decide

"Go where you achieve happiness & freedom."

A leak of movement or decision-making is success taking from you. Position yourself where you are able to handle all your daily business relaxed & enjoyable. Plan time to keep your inner balance with your dreams in line.

However, you need time to reset to be able to take long-term smart decision. Otherwise most likely some aspects of success will leak like love, family, gratitude and more. Plan fun for yourself, short & long-term to stay intrinsic motivated.

Good Mood Tips:

In detail, your mood/emotions will drop at some point. Be aware that you can use the "toolbox", this are the activities which bring you up, enhance mood / feelings & mind.

Live happy and successful, have your mood-makers on a list ready to use, here are a few examples:

  1. Feel Gratitude
  2. Sport (cardio, sweeting)
  3. Social Interactions (facial expressions, sharing emotions like love)
  4. Thoughts (Be aware, think about goal leading thoughts like GMe)
  5. Hard Work (Cognitive)
  6. Body-movement (e.g. garden-work, yoga to simulate your nervous-system)
  7. Sleep Quality (2h before sleep no food & no artificial light, ideally no phone or laptop)
  8. Positive Environment (Work mainly with people you like)
  9. Use Quality Light (Sun, Indoor-light during the day, Infra-red)
  10. Nature-walks (To charge bio-photons)

What if the good mood drops?

The lower your mood drop's the higher you can go afterwards, clearly the right balance is key. To find YOUR PROCESS which you actually do apply is one of the most treasures gift you can have in YOUR TOOLBOX. Apply anchor like watching your vision or something which triggers you to move forward. Smile and change your facesual expression, laugh ever without reason, sing => make yourself free, go for a run, enjoy life. Additionally position yourself well, to be able to choose & decide: "What I really MUST do?".


As a part of the Good Mood Handbook are Your own best tool to know & use for the best outcome. Tool means emotional kicks, activities which you can apply during the day.

Everybody is individuell and has to apply methods to boost mood. Some are short-term mood boosters like sugar-sweets others or long-term mood boosters like yoga, sport & joking. Find your individuell set of methods, habit-routines and discover Good Mood everyday.


  • Short-Action to stand over stressful situation.
  • Meditation
  • Breathing
  • Milestones
  • Communication
  • Sport
  • Ice-bath
  • Yoga
  • Joking
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • mysupersuccess.com for planing & motivating

Mental Gameplan

What are your top 5 mood boosters for short- & long-term?

Overall, some activities can be applied for shot-term & long-term. Mainly the key be stay efficient & effective is to focus on the most impactful habits to get the most out of your time. Meanwhile, the long-term big impact milestones are the ones which bring you forward in life. Nonetheless, think about those high impact variables to fast-track your success.

"Sometimes you have to give, to be able to get."

Conclusion: Habit Application

Accordingly, the daily application of habits is where you decide how far you want to push yourself. However the more you can use the better your outcome will be. Let's start:

  1. What means success & happiness to you?
  2. What is your strategy to fulfil your dream?
  3. What top 5 habits are most essential to cultivate skills over long-term?
  4. How looks your timeline?
  5. Where is your vision-board with the top 5 of life-achievements you will go for next?

During the course of different development phases many improvement-loops can be applied. Concurrently, you improve your habits to keep your life exciting by learning new stuff. Basically, the foundation of your happiness & success are your improvement-loops. Charly Goodman call it the best insurance because over the years or even decades you will perform better than anyone else.

"Make sure to find job calling, to find love by what you are doing... Make sure you sinful instead functional· You the time which you have, ONW YOUR LIFE!"

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