September 25, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

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Habits – The Foundation of Success

Habits are routines which impact your life either positiv or negativ. You have the choice…


“Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.” Stephen Covey

As Stephen mentioned what you think about permanently will become your future.


Why and How many Habits do I need?

Habits are your basic subconscious programs, which should run automatically during your day. Pick the most impactful habits – go for quality instead quantity, 5 -8 should be a good habit range. Find out what works best for you.


Which Categories do you need for high Productivity?

Personal Goals: What do you want to Achieve in Life?

Don’t listen too: „you can´t !“, YOU CAN, whatever you want. Pick you goals and go after it doesn’t matter what others say. Build a roadmap, a timeline which bring you wherever you wanna go, work towards with daily habits in small steps.

Mental Health: Which Habits make you Good Mood?

Your emotions and daily feelings influence your energy level on a high scale. If your mind is right you will have a great time, better thoughts, more intelligence, better ideas and so on. Be aware what are the influences of your life and create powerful happiness maker.


Physical Health: Which Exercises are Good for you?

Most important is to set small habits goals every day – a 20min run or yoga session boost your immune system and make the clear difference – how you feel.

Studying – Learn something every day

To have a little daily challenge is fantastic for your mind, keep you enthusiastic & happy, boost your intelligence, keep your brain healthy, to increase lifespan and lowering ageing. Write your gained knowledge down and remember it forever, your children will be grateful.

  1. Why do you want to learn?
  2. Which benefits do you have from that?
  3. With a strong reason WHY?
  4. What are the topics you are passionate about?

Admin / Career: What is the job you truly love?

Which administrative things do you have to do … book keeping, paying bills, writing emails?

Quote: “95% of your time is managed from your subconscious mind, only 5% conscious.” Bruce Lipton

That means we should better work on our daily automation, increase the impact from good habits and lower the negativ ones.

Build a full week of powerful habits and create momentum.

The execution of habits are the steppingstones to your goals & dreams. Build your habit-plan, the higher & the more constant your habit-rate is the higher your long-term Success will be. Which habits have the biggest impact to your life?

Whats your choice ?

  1. yoga,
  2. meditation,
  3. clean fresh air,
  4. at least 30 minutes nature walk,
  5. less e-smog,
  6. healthy food -low carb -vegan -vegetarian,
  7. take a walk at lunch,
  8. eduction,
  9. stand at you desk (10% more brainpower),
  10. taking supplements,
  11. detox,
  12. dance,
  13. laughing, love & happiness,
  14. limit social media and news time,
  15. wake up with gratitude,
  16. find it easy to be grateful,
  17. write a journal or draw a mind-map to empty your mind,
  18. evening routine (quality sleep preparation),
  19. enjoy your live.

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