September 26, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

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Planing Phase:

  1. Start with *80/20
  2. Brainstorm - draw the idea into a picture.
  3. fill out the TODO (project-name, target, milestones, timeframe)
  4. Write down questions, what I don`t know about the project?


Scratch your ideas on paper, you can always improve and change your vision. The *80/20 Rule is a quick-starter-method where you focus on the most important, most impactful TODOS. In fact, you can achieve most of the activities in 20% of the time with 80% of the possible outcome. In conclusion, the last 20% to perfection cost you the most time.


Quick-Starter-Methode because a lower threshold needed to get started. Your motivation to start will be higher & you get much more done. The increased progress, will lift your happiness, will lift your performance and your general level of success in your life.




A beautiful Timeline is generated to plan & overview your projects. Furthermore, our Dashboard show you your time-use & give you a Track-record. The Promodoro Timer will keep you focused and remind you to make short breaks. Timeline to practice long-term thinking every single day.

Think Longterm

Your Todos create your Future & Timeline

  1. print your timeline,
  2. watch & visualise your Future every day,
  3. believe in your-self, YOU have the plan already!

Timeline - Download

Download Template

Download Template CG Inspiration

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