Definition: Every activity mentally or physically to be happy & successful. You can read more about Habits, click here.

Step 1:

A basic idea and life application to get experience:

  • which habits are coming too short. 
  • You benefit of knowing what blocks you from being happy, this offers the solution.

Step 2:

After you know the basic categories which are essential for your happiness- & success- level, you can plan activities are most impactful on a weekly interval base.

What do you have todo, weekly to maintain a happy & successful life?


Why a weekly order?

  • The only timeframe that matters, because of the repetition- & professionally- ratio skills inkl. brain-development & adaption. That mean if you take 21-34 of the most essential activities then you will be extremely competitive in any way.
  • Simply & easy to integrate new habits and make experiences.
  • easy to plan
  • clearly less worries through better activity overview
  • awakes excitement
  • motivates people
  • you focus is very outcome oriented
  • you determine how far you want to climb up the letter