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 November 14, 2021

By  Charly Goodman

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This is the ultimate guide to draw your dream and giving ideas, tools and inspiration from Charly Goodman.

What is Your Dream - Vision - Aim?

What is your life-goal?
  1. Do you know what you want to experience in life?
  2. How to use your time?
  3. What is your passion?
  4. What picture of your vision do you have in mind?
  5.  What is the life you really enjoy living?

Everybody has dreams & the desire todo- or achieve certain things. Essential is to know what you really want from life. It may take some years of live-experiences. To win and dominate the game, play- & think- long-term to accumulate power.

Your Dream should be:

  1. With you all the time, a picture, a ring, a reminder which is giving positive vibes.
  2. Morning and Evening is dream-vision-time!
  3. A feeling of being in love & excitement.
  4. The endless fire coming from your heart.
  5. The power which is realising your dream.

your dream

Create a Game-plan/Strategy?

  1. What skills do you really need?
  2. Do you have a timeline about the biggest milestones?
  3. What is your priority goal?
  4. How to maintain a intrinsic power instead riding motivation-waves only. #HabitSetUp
  5. What helpers or mood-makers are in your toolbox?

First of all, as soon you can answer these questions you can start making plans, todos, milestones & timelines. The earlier you begin, the more time you have to put effort into your realisation process. Moreover think about public commitment with deadlines to pressure yourself to peak performance. Super Success means to put highest impact activities first, in other words to focus on the most essential factors which are necessary to realise your dreams. 

To prevent you from loosing the focus and wasting time. However, time for proper relaxation and fun is an essential part of Super Success, because it energises you. Sprint & rest, the rest is the recovery and keeping the overview to be able to enjoy the journey. Super Success is also about making enjoyable daily routine & cultivating healthy habits, it’s about the long run and fun.

Much more material to use for the right Game-plan:

Be clear, what you want & what you have to do to be able to accomplish the dream which you desire. You why will be the driven force behind your mission. What are the activities you need todo to have a happy day? How good they are in your day integrated?

Cultivate Know-How of your Dream

What brings you the biggest happiness?

First of all, all starts in your mind. The skills to brainstorm and finding solution is absolutely essential. True innovations come over time when you build strong neurological-connections in your brain by thinking a long-time about certain issues & how to solve them. Furthermore the knowledge you gain, the experiences you make is the payback which you should use in the most impactful & effective way. Learning and innovation go hand in hand.

Secondly, it’s all about long-term and true skill cultivation.  You will see always the truth when you analyse from others and your own work deeply.  Plan long-term with a timelines, know your bucket list and what you want from life. The know-how about yourself, your own skills, cultivation of relationships and your expertise is what give you truly security.

Inspiration and Perspiration

A lot of people think that only inspiration, the idea is the most important part of your success, but is this the truth? Others say that your perspiration, specially the endurance is most important to realise your success.  

Inspiration is important to spark and to start project. This is more a short-term brainstorm, something you gain vision for improvement. Use it and apply what can be beneficial for you.
Endurance is the hard long-term work for the perspiration of a project. Endurance can be trained and cultivated, important is that you are in training-camp every week in the best case.

In training-camp means: You work everyday towards your goals, dosen't matter what the others do ... you go forward to your goals. Everyday you make improvements, adopting your process and one day something gonna happening. Have a detailed plan about you future in place, have a weekly calendar, a yearly timeline or longer, know your steps & set yourself daily milestones.

Only you will at the end know how much you put in and which is the next big improvement to your super success. 

Cultivate Perseverance

The role and need for ‘failure’ in innovation is well-documented and accepted, and success in it requires incredible perseverance. It was the prolific American inventor Thomas Edison (1847-1931) who said "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration“.

To dance in the rain is very important, the ability to stand up rapidly after failure is absolutely necessary to train. Crying over failure is the biggest waste of time, much better will be to be grateful for your lesson & write your new knowledge down. Spreading your knowledge is helpful in many ways:

1. You will remember it forever. 

2. You will make new friends &

3. establish new relationships which may help you or the world later on.


Your WHY keeps the engine running, this is your fuel. 

Inspiration is very important, but more like a resource to create new opportunities. It takes 1% to start.
The biggest part will be always your perspiration, the ability to move forward. Solving problems along the way and find out ways the tackle root causes quickly & install your process to prevent trouble from your idea of success. It takes 99% perspiration.

Plan C: Be Happy and stay Passionate

Stay in flow, be creative and do what you like & passionate about. Try to delegate the work you hate to people who enjoy that type of work.

You the Structure of Success as map, to lead you to you true aim in life an go for it. Be a creator instead of being created, take control over you life.

The Law of Realisation

your dream king

Your Self-Believe

100% self-esteem is the key to trust in your plan, putting all in line for the life you want to manifest. No worries, no doubts, a clean sharp mind is required to perform at your highest level. There is no time to waste with low quality emotions, you are responsible for you outcome. Keeping good emotions and creating a productive-, positive- & loving- environment. Focus on your mission and keep out unworthy time-waster.


Your approach: There are different velocities to choose depending how high the end result has to be. The stronger you focus on quick decision taking with a result which is good enough, it does the job no customer complains...I can move on. As long everybody is happy over-wise you can make a quick pro- / con-list to get clarity.

On the other hand is a 100% perfect approach because entrepreneurs do not have time for that. Be perfect consume time which are better to you for high impact action because you chasing the dream!

However this is absolutely training in decision taking on a daily basis. Focus on daily improvements in time-use, try to put actions with high positive impact first. This is how you make sure that you perform on a very effective & efficient way's. In conclusion, is this the quickest way to super success, living where- how- you want.

The more you apply 51's to initiate actions and can still maintain quality decisions then is extreme output the rule.


The 80/20 rule, if you can use 20% of the time to achieve 80% of the possible outcome then you have a great tool to take big actions (huge impact).

The 64/4 rule, if you apply in 4% of the time 64% of the outcome (very huge impact).

The 51/1 rule, is the kings discipline of entrepreneurs, getting from 1% of the time 51% of the possible output. Decisive for yourself how to apply those tools best for you.

Think about where you can apply a nice 80/20. You same time during shopping have won time but maybe have forgotten some not important goods fron the grocery shop.This does not make a different in your life and save you a lot of time which you like to spend with family/friends, recovery, of as entrepreneur -working, -planing, -studying. If you can permanently apply those timesaver then you will have a lot of time for yourself, your dream, your accomplishments.

In detail you will save over years and decades a ton of time which other not use ... but you are smart reading this article because you have you own application in mind! Think about 5 x 80/20's where you can save yourself these time and using it for the better, your dream.

Phases of Application

Get 51/64/80/100% Outcome of the Structure of Success with accomplishing...

64% #1 Most Important
As soon you know your Guideline, you know the direction. 

80% #2 #3 #Foundation of Great Results
As soon you know which habits are to cultivate.
As soon you know how to plan long-term with timelines.

You want to be unbreakable!? 100% #4 #5 #6 & reading the Blogs
Setting Deadlines, which pressure you to your limits to accomplish the desired milestones.
Harmonising the process with strategies prepared which make your day better.

Apply what works Best

As soon you know how your best day loops like.The best will be to have a success log where you will find all necessary information to proof, analyse & improve. Ideally you would sit in the garden maybe in Super Success Paradise Cafe, listen to great frequencies & drinking an organic guarana-cacoa-vanilla-milk to have the brain boost for enhanced creativity. This is how you make your dreams possible.

Clearly if you do all of the list above you force the reality you truly desire to manifest. Nothing is stronger than an unbreakable mind.

Furthermore, with an unbreakable mind, with a guideline, the plan which is the only thougth you allowed to happen.Duration is necessary and you will challenged & tested, enjoy the process and see you obstacle as valuable lesson where you gain necessary knowledge. This give you the opportunity to have more improvements also prevent you to don’t make the same failure twice.

life your dream like a king

Most important: How does you application looks like?

You can overview your structure of success, pictures from your goal and of cause visualisieren. Listen to your own affirmation to make sure your subconsciousness understand what you want. The more you are obsessed from your vision in positive manners, the quicker you will achieve the desired outcome.

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